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Air Conditioning and heating

stocked trucksRoutine or yearly maintenance of existing air conditioning systems:  This service gives your system a seasonal tune-up.  It is best to have this service performed during the months of March, April, and May, before the summer heat is upon us and the cooling load on your a/c system is at its peak.  Studies have shown that yearly servicing of residential air conditioning systems can extend the life of the equipment by 1/3.  A normal life expectancy of an a/c system in southwest Florida is between 10 to 15 years.  By not having your a/c system maintained by a yearly tune-up, its life can be shortened by 3 or 4-years.  EXTEND the life of your a/c system and SAVE on your power bills by having your a/c system performing at its best.

Repairs:  We service and repair all brands of air conditioners.  When you call us about a problem you're having with your a/c system, the following 5-steps will occur.

  • You will always talk to live person; NO VOICEMAIL
  • You will always get an appointment time; NO WASTED TIME WAITING
  • WE will always send out fully stocked vans; NO WASTED TRIPS
  • You will always know the price before we do the repair; NO INVOICE SHOCK
  • We will always fix it right or we will re-do the repair for free; NO CALL BACKS

At Air Naples, Inc., we have NO COMMISSIONED technicians or sales people, meaning that you will only deal with people who have your best intrest in mind.  We pay our technicians the highest wages for their job experience, insuring you that the repair or installation we perform for you is truly needed and not a problem created by a commissioned technician to increase their pay check at the end of the week.  I cannot tell you how many times that it turns out to be the case when we are called in for a Free Second Opinion.

air conditioner equipmentReplacement of the air conditioning systems:  Call on us for a Free Second Opinion if you have been told by one of our competitors that you need to replace your exisiting air conditioner equipment.  We will come out and double check that what you have been told is in fact true.  This is where we, in the heat of the summer weather, find the companies that pay their technicians or sales personnel by commissions mistreat the customer.  We will give you our professional opinions on the soundness of your a/c equipment.  If what you have been told by one of our competitors is true, we will give you our price to repair the problem.  Sometimes the problem is not worth repairing and it is in your best intrest to replace the equipment.  We at Air Naples, Inc., always try to make you aware of all the facts and different solutions to your problem and then we will advise you on what we would do if we were in your shoes.

If replacement of your a/c equipment is the best solution, we will price out the best brand equipment to cool your home.  We are an Authorized Dealer for "American Standard" Brand of equipment.  It has proven over the years to be a very tough and versatile line of equipment, but we can obtain other brands as well if your situation calls for equipment with different specifications.


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