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Frequently Asked Questions

What does “SEER” mean?

In short, “SEER” means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating.  It’s a rating system that allows the customer to know how efficient an air conditioning system is at producing cooling BTU’s.  For instance, a 13-SEER unit is not as efficient (uses more electricity) than a 14-SEER unit.

How much does a new a/c system cost? 

The cost will vary from home to home due to size of the area that needs cooled, how high the efficiency the new equipment is (SEER), and the degree of difficulty to install the new equipment.  The best way to get an accurate estimate is to call us to make an appointment for us to come out and look at what needs to be done and the type of equipment that needed for your home.

What can I do as a home owner, to help my a/c to run its best?

Keep your air filter clean!  The air filter is the simplest part of the a/c system, but one of the most important.  A clean air filter protects your a/c equipment and your family.  A clean filter allows your a/c system to breath.  The air handler only gets air from the grill that holds the filter.  If the filter is dirty, it reduces the amount of air that the blower is able to blow out of your supply grills, which in turn makes the unit run longer, which costs you more because of the more electricity the a/c system uses.  Buy the best filter you can to protect your a/c equipment and to give your family the cleanest air possible.  Call us to learn more about filtration.

Should I have my a/c system serviced?

Yes.  Studies have shown that a/c equipment that is serviced yearly last nearly 1/3 longer than equipment that is not maintained.   Any time during the year is a good time to have it done, but the best time is early spring, so your unit is able to run at its peak when the summer heat arrives.  Call us to make an appointment to have your system serviced.

What do you do when you service an a/c system?

Having your a/c system serviced is like having a tune-up done on your car.  Specifically we do the following:  The evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned, the drain pan and drain line is cleaned, the blower and condenser motors are oiled if they do not have sealed bearings, the electrical components in the control panel areas of the air handler and condenser are checked for burnt or shorted wiring or worn switching devises, and the freon pressures are checked.  All of the above mentioned items are important to the efficient operation of your a/c system.  The cleaning and checking of these items can prevent a system break down at an inconvenient time.  A yearly service of your a/c system equipment is the best way to protect and prolong your investment.

Should I do business with an air conditioning company that calls me out of the blue?

No!  Typically, companies that have people calling numbers randomly are trying to get their foot in your door.  Some of these companies pay the employees that they send out to your home by commission.  Meaning, they may not have your best interest at heart.  Instead, they are typically looking to condemn your existing equipment, or to sell you some device that you don’t need, to increase their pay check at the end of the week.  Remember, the company you allow into your home is only as good as the character of the person they send to your home. Air Naples, Inc. does not and will not pay anyone by commission.  We only fix what is broken and advise you on what to do after you have been informed and understand all of the options.  Lastly, we will tell what we would do if we were faced with the same problem knowing what we know. 

What is the background of Air Naples, Inc.?

Air Naples, Inc. is owned and operated by me, Doug Gann.  I began working in the air conditioning field in 1991.  I worked for a very reputable company in Lakeland, Florida for 5-years.  I then became a state certified air conditioning contractor and moved to Naples and opened for business as Air Naples Air Conditioning & Heating in June of 1997.  I worked by myself, focusing on existing residential air conditioning repairs, service, and replacement for 8-years before I started hiring well qualified and responsible technicians.  The business grew slowly because I did not, and still don’t, aspire to have the largest company in the area, and because I do not do new construction and commercial air conditioning.  The main focus has always been residential air conditioning, which is my favorite because I have always enjoyed working with home owners and residential air conditioning equipment.  We at Air Naples, Inc. are ever striving to fulfill our company motto, “Building our reputation one customer at a time”. 

What makes Air Naples, Inc. different from the all of the other air conditioning companies in Naples?

From the time you place the call to our company, we strive to do everything better than our competitors.  Our phones are answered by a live person 24-hours a day.  Your call is relayed to me, the owner, and I call you back as soon as I can.  I always try to call you back within 10 minutes.  We will set an appointment time that’s convenient for you and does not require you to waste your time sitting around waiting for us to show up.  We always come to your home with fully stocked trucks, so we usually have that parts to repair your unit the first time to your home.  If we don’t have the part, you don’t get charged for us to go and get the part.  As soon as we find what is wrong with your unit, we will inform you of what may have caused the problem and what is needed to repair the problem.  Before we proceed further we will tell you how much the repair will cost.  You can make an informed decision whether or not to proceed further.  If you have already had another company out to look at your equipment and you need a second opinion, call us, because it’s free.  We are always glad to come and take a look at your equipment and double check what the other company has told you that is wrong.  Sometimes, what you have been told is not the case.  (Remember, technicians that are paid by commission may not haveyour best intrest in mind.)  We stand on our ethics and if there is in fact a problem, we will explain and show you the problem.  If we find there is no problem, we don’t follow the pack and try to make a problem, we will tell you there is no problem because we know that you will call us back the next time your air conditioner doesn’t work properly.  That’s why we say, “Building our reputation one customer at a time”.


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