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Comfort Club

Comfort ClubFor the customer that wants a higher level of service and great savings at the same time, then our maintenance savings plan called the COMFORT CLUB is the way to go. 

With an annual fee of $160.00 you will receive all of the following benefits and savings:

  • DISCOUNTS:  On any repair the parts and labor are discounted 15%.  You save each time!
  • SEASONAL MAINTENANCE:  Two seasonal services will be performed on your air conditioning system yearly.  Once in the spring (March-May) and again in the fall (October-December).  This service includes the cleaning of the evaporator and condensing coils, cleaning of the primary drain pan and drain line, spraying the interior surfaces of the air handler with disinfectant, checking the electrical control components found in the air handler and condenser control panels, and checking the freon pressures.  *If any part or repair is needed during the check-up, we will stop work and tell you about the problem and the price (15% discount) to get your approval before fixing the problem.
  • FREE REMINDERS: We will contact you to set up the appointment for the two seasonal services.  If you don't live here year round, you can give us your key holder contact and we will set up the appointment with them.
  • INCREASED EQUIPMENT LIFE:  The #1 reason for system failure is dirt! Properly maintained equipment last longer. Studies have shown that routinely maintained air conditioners last one third longer than those that aren't.
  • LOWER UTILTY BILLS:  Properly maintained cooling and heating equipment keeps more energy dollars in your pocket.  Your a/c system will be performing at it's peak year round and not wasting your energy dollars.
  • BONUS BUCKS:  For every year that you are a member of theComfort Club, you will get $75 to use like cash towards the purchase of a new system in the event a repair of your old system is not practical.  I'll deduct your “Bonus Bucks” from my best price on a new system.
  • PEACE OF MIND:  Your system is safety-checked, it's saving you money, and it's working at peak performance.  If it's not, you know who to call!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:  You can cancel your Comfort Club at anytime for any reason, or for no reason, with the unused portion of your dues refunded.

Nearly all of my customers join the Comfort Club for all of the reasons listed above.  My current price to perform routine service on a system is $95.  With theComfort Club it's as if you are paying $75 for each service, plus all of the other benefits.
*Note:  Special pricing for homes with multiple systems.


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